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Business Spotlight: Chris Sirois

By Bruce Coulter

Thu Jul 09, 2009, 08:21 AM EDT

Burlington - Chris Sirois is president of Sirois Electric, Inc., located at 6 Duncan Road in Burlington.

Chris Sirois, President of Sirois Electric, Inc.

How long have you owned Sirois Electric?

“Sirois Electric has been incorporated for over 10 years. However, I have been an electrician since 1992. I started working at the profession in high school, assisting my teachers and relatives in the trade.”

What are the advantages to being your own boss?

“I can hire electricians that have the same high standards, allow more one on one time with our customers, and can control my schedule to have more quality time with my family.”

Did you have any reservations early on after starting your company?

“Starting my own company was always on my agenda and I knew I had the talent and people skills to succeed. We built the company with excellent staff and once I felt prepared, I went on my own and never looked back.”

How has the economic slump affected business, if at all?

“Sure it has. I have to be more patient with customer’s decision making and more cognizant of their needs. I must be mindful of their agenda before my own. In a way it has helped us become more in-tuned with our customers’ needs. This helps us in the long run, making us a better resource.”

If you weren’t doing this, you would be …?

“Working for someone else’s electrical business and being their project manager.”